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Asthma Basics - What You Need to Know About Asthma

Understanding some asthma basics will help you manage your asthma or your child's asthma better. Find out what asthma is, how it affects your body, what asthma symptoms to look for, and how to control asthma.
What Is Asthma?
What is asthma? is often the first question asked by people who have just received a diagnosis of asthma. Understanding asthma is the first step to getting all the asthma facts and information you need.
Pathophysiology of Asthma - Asthma Pathophysiology
The pathophysiology of asthma is a description of what is going on inside your body and your airways when you have bronchial asthma that causes your asthma symptoms. Get an understanding of some of the underlying processes of asthma pathophysiology in people with asthma.
What Happens to the Airways in Asthma
Asthma is connected to a number of airway changes. Find out more about what asthma lungs look like vs. healthy lungs.
The Immune System and Asthma
The immune system and asthma go hand in hand. Asthma symptoms are caused by a hyperreactive immune system.
Airway Remodeling in Asthma
Airway remodeling in asthma is a process in response to long-term, unresolved airway inflammation that results in permanent structural changes in the airways. Airway remodeling is the strongest argument for asthma control.
Classifications of Asthma
Classifications of asthma are important in deciding the best treatment approach. But asthma classifications may be made in several ways, so classifying asthma is not as simple as it might seem.
Asthma Causes & Asthma Risks
Understanding asthma causes and asthma risks can help prepare you for the development of asthma. The causes of asthma are diverse, but experts do know what will increase a person's risk of getting asthma.
How Asthma Is Diagnosed
Diagnosing asthma is a fairly straightforward process for a doctor, who uses a combination of history, symptoms and testing to decide if a person with breathing problems has asthma.
Introduction to Asthma Triggers
Identifying your asthma triggers is the first step in asthma control. Asthma triggers are the things that set off asthma symptoms. Once you know your triggers, you can work on avoiding them.
How Asthma Is Treated
Get the scoop on common asthma treatment approaches, both traditional and alternative. Asthma treatment = asthma control.
Living Well With Asthma
It is possible to live a normal and healthy life, even when you have a chronic disease such as asthma. Get tips and advice here on how to live well.
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