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Respire Case Product Review

Slick and Durable Storage for Your Asthma Rescue Inhaler

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Updated: August 22, 2007

Brushed Metal Respire Case for Asthma Inhalers

Brushed Metal Respire Case for Asthma Inhalers

Photo courtesy of Kathi MacNaughton
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Did you ever lose your asthma inhaler in the bottom of your purse or pocket? Wonder if it's safe to use with all the dirt and dust adhering to the mouthpiece, especially if the cap is lost? Or worse, has your asthma attack worsened while you tried to locate your rescue inhaler? If this sounds familiar, rest easy. A new product has emerged that could change all that. It's called the Respire Magnetic Inhaler Case.

What Is the Respire Inhaler Case?

The Respire inhaler case is a kidney-shaped hard metal case just large enough to hold an inhaler. It has a top and a bottom that are held together in closed position by very strong magnets on each side. According to the designer, Guy Thornhill, who is an asthmatic himself, the Respire case comes in two sizes to accommodate different types of inhalers. It also comes in both a brushed silver finish, as well as a shiny silver finish.

How Does the Respire Case Work?

The case has two small "lips" that extend on the concave side. You pry them apart with your fingers to open the case. Your inhaler lies flat inside of the case, between the magnet holders. To close, just align the top and bottom and let the magnets do the rest.

What Are the Benefits of the Respire Inhaler Case?

The case is fun and slick to look at. That might seem like a trivial benefit, but since asthma control – especially in teens – is often compromised by not acting quickly on asthma symptoms, having an attractive, attention-getting case might increase the chances that teen asthmatics carry their inhalers with them.

It also helps keep your asthma inhaler clean and intact. The case provides excellent protection from dirt, dust and breakage.

It's easy to hold and carry, fitting nicely into the palm. I have very small hands and it was still very comfortable for me to hold.

Respire Case Testing and Conclusions

When the manufacturer, Guy Thornhill, contacted me and asked me to review his product, I was somewhat skeptical. After all, there are a number of inhaler "cases" available on the market. But when he sent me a sample to review, I was pleasantly surprised. The Respire case is really quite attractive, and has held up well in my purse, pockets, backpack, and bike saddlebag over the past several weeks. It has never come open accidentally and my inhaler has stayed clean and intact inside of it. The case itself is as attractive today as the day I opened the package. No scratching or discoloration.

My only real complaint is that I sometimes find it a bit hard to open. The edges you grasp are a little hard to grab hold of and the magnets grip strongly. I wonder if an elderly or disabled person would be able to manage the case, especially in an emergency situation?

When I spoke with Mr. Thornhill about these issues, he told me the problem was that one of my magnets had come loose, something that normally only happens if the case is dropped on a hard surface. I don't remember doing that, but I can't be absolutely sure. Mr. Thornhill assured me he has had many elderly & disabled customers who have found the case easy to use. And, at any rate, he pledges to repair or replace any cases this happens to at no charge.

In conclusion, I highly recommend the Respire case if you're looking for an attractive way to carry your asthma inhaler and keep it clean.

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