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Can Your iPhone Improve Your Asthma?

iPhone Apps To Track Asthma Symptoms, Triggers, and Medication Use


Updated April 10, 2010

What if your iPhone could help get your asthma under control? Your doctor is likely asking you all the time to bring in your peak flows or provide a list of asthma symptoms. Your iPhone might just be able to help you monitor your asthma more effectively and efficiently. Check out these iPhone apps that are currently available. Why not provide a review?

1. AsthmaMD

Photo © AsthmaMD

Dr. Sam Pejham, a clinical faculty member of UCSF Medical School and Director of Tri-Valley Pediatrics is the creator of an iPhone app to help manage your asthma called AsthmaMD.

AsthmaMD allows you to:

  • Simultaneously track your asthma symptoms, triggers, and peak flows
  • Look at your asthma symptoms over time in either a diary or graphic display.
  • Easily email your doctor your asthma symptoms, triggers, and peak flow readings

AsthmaMD may benefit your asthma by allowing you to more esily identify and track your asthma symptoms in real time.

Check out a video introduction to AsthmaMD and you can download it at the iTunes store.


2. Asthma Journal

Asthma Journal is a paid iPhone app that helps you track your asthma symptoms.

Asthma Journal allows you to:

  • Track symptoms
  • Record peak flows
  • Track medication use
  • Upload information to online services such as the free Google health service and share with your doctor.
  • Read news on asthma prevention, research, and treatment

On their web page, the authors state the asthma journal questions were designed by physicians, but do not state any references. In the future the authors plan to have a wireless connection to peak flow meters to allow you to more easily enter peak flow data.

You can also check out a video of the Asthma Journal iphone app.

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