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Asthma Irritants

Some asthma triggers do not cause the usual allergic reaction that leads to asthma symptoms. Instead, they just further inflame already irritated airways. They are known as irritants.
Asthma Irritants
Asthma irritants are airborne substances that when inhaled act as an asthma trigger. However, they differ from allergens in that they do not generate an immune response. Instead, they just further irritate already inflamed airways.
Tobacco Smoke - Irritant
Tobacco smoke is a powerful asthma trigger, whether you are the one doing the smoking or if you are just breathing in secondhand smoke from someone else's cigarette, cigar or pipe.
Air Pollution as an Asthma Trigger
Air pollution is yet another asthma trigger. Air pollutants such as smoke, ground level ozone, vehicle exhaust, and others are known as irritants.
Chemical Asthma Triggers & Irritants
Chemical asthma triggers occur when someone with already inflamed airways from asthma is exposed to a chemical irritant that further irritates the airways.
Airborne Asthma Triggers
Airborne asthma triggers are inhaled particles of dust, powders and so on that further irritate already inflamed asthma airways. They are sometimes known as irritants.
Extreme Weather - Asthma Trigger & Irritant
Extreme weather can be an asthma trigger in people who are sensitive to very hot or very cold climate conditions. Climate change has also had an impact on asthma incidence and severity.
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