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Types of Asthma - Asthma Classifications and More

There are several different types of asthma. Allergic asthma is certainly the most common, but it is not the only asthma type. Find out about asthma classifications and the different types of asthma.
Asthma Classifications - How Asthma Is Classified - Asthma Severity
Asthma classifications vary. There are a number of approaches to classifying asthma. Asthma classifications may be made according to one of more of the following methods - asthma severity, type of asthma (underlying cause) or by degree of control.
Mild Intermittent Asthma: The Least Severe
Mild intermittent asthma is the least severe type of asthma. People with this type of asthma typically have symptoms that come and go.
Mild Persistent Asthma
People who suffer from mild persistent asthma generally have asthma symptoms more than twice a week, but no more than once a day.
Moderate Persistent Asthma
People suffering from moderate persistent asthma have daily asthma symptoms and nighttime symptoms more than once a week. Asthma attacks may affect the daily activities of people who have moderate persistent asthma.
Severe Persistent Asthma
People who suffer from severe persistent asthma usually experience symptoms throughout the day on most days and have frequent symptoms at night as well.
Allergic Asthma - Asthma & Allergies
Allergic asthma is the most common type of asthma in both adults and children. Learn about how allergies and asthma are often linked and how you can deal with allergic asthma.
Childhood Asthma
Childhood asthma is an extremely common type of asthma. Asthma is also one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood. Get the facts here on asthma in kids, as well as tips for parents.
Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA)
Exercise induced asthma is a fairly common type of asthma that occurs in both adults and children. With EIA, asthma symptoms are triggered by exercise. Learn the facts about exercise induced asthma.
Occupational Asthma: Could Work Be Making You Sick?
When a person develops asthma symptoms in response to an exposure to dust, fumes, gases or other irritants in the workplace, the condition is called occupational asthma (OA). Find out who is at risk for OA and what to expect if you get it.
Cough Variant Asthma
In some people who have asthma, a chronic cough is their only symptom. Get the scoop on one of the less common types of asthma, cough-variant asthma.
Nocturnal Asthma
Nocturnal asthma occurs when asthma symptoms arise during the night. About 75% of people with asthma have symptoms that disrupt both the length and depth of their nighttime sleep at least once a week.
Overview of the Four Types of Asthma
More than 22 million Americans suffer from asthma, a chronic illness in which air passages become inflamed and temporarily narrowed, making it difficult to breathe. Symptoms of asthma include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.
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