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Readers Respond: How Is Asthma Scary For You?

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Updated June 22, 2009


i woke up at twelve o clock and coudnt breath then i fell not sure if i fainted or just fell PARAMEDICS came and took me away stayed in intensive care for 1 week i was 9 yrs old
—Guest asthmatic kid

oh my god

i ran 1.6 kilometers in about 7 minutes and when i stopped the next two days after i couldn't talk because all i would do is cough . i love running and run alotmore kilometers than this normaly and it dosen't affect me . i even ended up with a grade two hamstring tear and am struggling to cope with not being able to run for a month
—Guest i heart running

Scard and mad

I went to a police explorers academy and went for a work out with the class thers about 100 of us in a class and went for the 2cd time to the academy bc I falled the 1st bc of an asthma attack so went back again and try to pass it it's bout a week long over night . Well 1st day went by an I was good the next day went by and well went for a 2 mile run with the class and thn came back to camp and I went to get water and from a scale 1 - 10 I was a 9 they knew it was my 2cd time an I told them I needed help my blood pressure wa high they wer scard I was going to have a stroke! So called parimedicts and they came helped me  but I wanted to go back to camp ad finish like everyone else but they said I can't to come back next year. So I was mad all I wanted to do I be like everyone else and not stick out like a sore thome! But all I can say is I am happy to be alive ! Thanxs for the police officers and perimedicts that help save me!   
—Guest Matthew esparza

sports and no one knows

i have had asthma for a few yrs. now and one day during softball practice i was having a great day with no problems at all then we started catching fly balls and i started coughing a bit then it just started getting worse and more violent and i couldnt stop coughing enough to take a breath and it went into a full blown attack and no one could figure out was going on despite the fact everyone knew i had asthma so finally someone figured it out after i was on the verge of passing out and they got me my inhaler and within minutes it was under control. VERY SCARY!
—Guest wheezy

It never really ends

As an asthmatic since birth I had quite a few serious attacks in my preteen days which mostly required a few weeks stay in hospital on nebulizers and courses of Prednisolone at home. My first major scare happened in my mid teens when one of my lungs spontaneously collapsed whilst I was alone on a bus. The effort to reach help was extremely scary, losing breath and experiencing the stabbing in my chest. A year later it happened again, thankfully not as severe or as scary. In the following years I experienced a decrease in the regularity of my asthma to a point where I stopped taking my inhaler everywhere as I had done to a point of anxiety previously. Eventually in my mid to late twenties after developing more breathing related problems I noticed a full return of my asthmatic symptoms during a heavy bout of cold or flu. After such a long time this was very scary, struggling to catch my breath with every cough, sneeze or choke. I currently take 100mcg Beclametasone inhaler as prevention.
—Guest Simon

My 8th grade hyperventalation

The thing i look for in my asthma is having a hard time breathing.In June a week before graduation i had an attack. A teacher of mine helped me get to the health room and it started to happen. Next thng i remember is closing my eyes and and i could open them again. I heard people come in and perimetics came. When i finially opened my eyes i saw my sister crying and i saw the parimetics and some teachers out in the studnet center. My asthma attack lasted until i think 4:00pm. Once they took the oxygen tank off of me i went in the main office and waited for my dad to pick me up.My teacher were wierd and i bet they were scard. That day was one of my worst ashma attacks ever in my life. I am 16 years old and my symtoms been going off since i was 9 years old when i moved up here for california in 2003.
—Guest Brandi Davidson

Gettting worse

I've been diagnosed with mild asthma since I was one. And it had never been bad it just flared up when I caught a cold. only took meds when I had a cold. Then from the ages of 10-14 I took no meds nothing I had no asthma it was great it was freedom. But for the past 2 or 3years my asthma has been coming back stronger. I now take regular steriods and my reliever inhaler and as long I remember its manageable. But I find it hard to admit when Im having an attack because I dont like to admit my asthma's back. Which usually leads to a worse and longer attack! Guess im scared its going to get to the point where it controls my life and im waiting for the next attack.
—Guest Confuzzled 17 yr old

Tighten of the Chest & Can't Breathe

I have had asthma all my life (48). Took some kind of little white pills in the 70's and used the paper bags. Very scared and prayed it would go away. It relasped for about 15 years with no major attacks but now it is so bad I am really truly scared. I am allergic to most med's so it hard to find something to help. Sugar is border line so steriods are only a last result. The not being able to catch my breathe, wheezing in and out, pain of tightness really just trips you out. I am trying Frankincense & Rosemary inhalers to help not do the albuterol so much. It really makes me race around and shake. They help some, just have to do it more often. The relaxing part is hard to do when you are freaking about trying to get some air!!! Just got to learn to be more calmer!!!!
—Guest Connie

Deep Breathings Helps!

I am 30 years old and I had my first asthma attack when I was 21. I have been living with asthma for a pretty long time now. I used to be a dancer but I was forced to quit it due to my sudden asthma attacks. It is always scary to handle asthma attacks specially when someone is not present around you. At these moments try to sit upright, preferably with pillow under your belly and start deep breathing. Slow and steady deep breathing really helps you to stabilize the condition. Always keep your inhaler/puffs handy.
—Guest Chayanika

It's quite a lot to deal with

I'm fourteen and was diagnosed with asthma when i was two.Growing up with asthma is hectic.It's quite difficult finding yourself not being able to breath sometimes.I find it annoying when i'm in the middle of something important then i feel breathless.I still find the experience of always finding myself in the hospital when i was very young scary.Then i think of my mum and how she must have felt seeing me at the point of death everytime.
—Guest Abby

on edge

I dont have asthma personally, but my 7 year old girl does. It really gets to me when she has an attack, i can keep my cool during the attack, but my anxiety goes crazy for weeks just thinking about the next one.
—Guest Missy

not bad

i've had asthma my whole life. my asthma flares up with allergies or if i get a cold or if i excercise in the cold. over time, my symptoms have change which makes it trickier to know when to worry. often, it scares my friends and family more. i've had lung problems my whole life!
—Guest wheezy

How Is Asthma Scary For You?

I have had mild asthma since 1996. Never needed medication, unless I came down with asthmatic bronchitis during the winter months. However, in April of 2009 that changed for me when I came down with severe asthma bronchitis. When I had the attack I used the breathing treatment and that saved my life. The next day I took the treatment and it almost killed me. It turned out that I am allergic to the medication (albuterol). This scared me so much, I wondered what would I do if I got another attack and knowing the medication would not help me. So I turned God and I utilized spiritual healing and holistic medicine. That has helped me tremendously. And I thank God for all the help he has extended to me and for all the good he has given me. The power of the mind can be very effective if you use it correctly. If anyone wants to know the supplements that I took to help me prevent an attack and minimize one you can e-mail me at sukoun@aol.com I hope this information was helpful... And God bless.
—Guest Sahar

when it is not contolled

I am just a person who likes to be in control. This year I have had no control since June of my allergies or asthma. The scary part is when they call an ambulance for me and they are calling Dr's and putting a tube down my throat. I was a nurse before developing a latex allergy so I understand what they are saying and what it means


at the minute im on antibiotics for a chest infection last night my asthma got worse and i have had no sleep i cant lay down because it gets worse to breathe, i have tried my inhaler and it is not working i am finding it difficult to finish sentences , i have tried breathing into a paper bag it helped a little bit im still struggling. i am going to goto my hospital soon wen my partner gets in from work (hopefully soon)
—Guest chloe

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