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Summer Asthma Tips

Getting away from home for some 'you time' is really important. But when your child has asthma, you may be extra concerned by the thought of leaving him with a babysitter. Take the following into account when choosing someone to watch your child. You want to enjoy your time away, but also ensure that your child's asthma gets the best care while you are gone.

Further Reading

Iggy and the Inhalers

Iggy and the Inhalers

Have you ever struggled talking with your child about asthma? I remember a mother who called me in tears because she could not get her child on board with their prescribed asthma treatment. Her child seemed to be doing everything to sabotage care— would not tell mom when symptoms were getting worse, would not take medications correctly, and pretty much did the opposite of everything Mom asked her to do. Iggy and the Inhalers may be just what you need

Asthma Education and Prevention
Asthma Spotlight10

Air Pollution Facts

There are several air pollution facts that could impact your asthma.

Asthma Facts

When you have a chronic disease certain asthma facts are essential. Learn about the impact of asthma on you and society with these important facts.

Asthma Checklist

Back to school can be scary for parents when your child has asthma. This asthma checklist can help you prepare.

Asthma Mistakes

Don't let these asthma mistakes ruin the rest of your summer. Make plans to avois these and keep your asthma under control.

Getting More Of Your Asthma Medication

Many things can lead to your not taking asthma medication as prescribed. These 8 situations and practical solutions may help you.

Asthma Non-adherence

More people than you think don't take their asthma medication regularly. Learn how you can improve your medication compliance.

Asthma Action Plans

Failing to plan is planning to fail. I have heard this quote applied to many areas of life and asthma is no different.

Iggy and the Inhalers

Asthma education can be difficult, but Iggy and the inhalers will be more enjoyable and help you learn more of what you need to know and do.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Asthma

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient practice that incorporates herbal medicine as well as mind-body practices like yoga and Ti Chi to both treat and prevent health problems with your asthma.

CAM and Asthma

CAM and asthma are increasingly linked due to increased numbers of patients trying these methods out. What you need to know and discuss with your MD.

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