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Childhood Asthma: Dealing With Asthma in Children (Part 2)

Your Child's Asthma Care Team


Updated: October 23, 2008

As a parent you are an important member of your child's asthma care team. In fact, when your child is young, you will need to act as your child's spokesperson, until he or she has effective verbal skills. You will always need to act as your child's advocate and the facilitator of communication among the members of your child's care team, including the doctor.

One thing to keep in mind is that childhood asthma treatment is a constantly changing field. And many times, it is also a trial and error process to find the best treatment plan for your child. You may want to think about consulting with an allergy/asthma specialist to make sure you're getting the best asthma care possible for your child.

More on Working With the Team:

Coping With Asthma in Children

Asthma makes kids "different" and kids don't like to be different. So your child may need help coping with asthma. That's where you come in. Learning how to talk to your child about asthma is the first step. You can help your child understand about asthma and serve as a trusted coach and support person.

You can also help your child prepare for a healthy life by learning all he or she can about asthma. Many tools on the web can help with this, as noted below. You should also be able to find books in the library or at your local bookstore.

Learn How You Can Help Your Child:

Asthma can be stressful on the parent too. Add the constant threat of asthma emergencies, administering asthma medications, and coping with a sometimes cranky child to the usual stress of parenting, and you may find yourself getting worn down and in need of support.

You can look for local support groups or even just talk to other parents you know. Chances are, with childhood asthma being so common, more than a few of them will be dealing with similar challenges to your own. But you can also find plenty of support for coping with asthma in kids on the Web.

Learn More About Getting the Support You Need:


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