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Famous People With Asthma- Alice Cooper

Learn How Asthma Affected Alice Cooper


Updated April 26, 2009

Famous People With Asthma- Alice Cooper
Photo: Paul Kane/ Getty Images

Alice Cooper

What Having Asthma Was Like

In his book Alice Cooper, Golf Monster A Rock 'n' Roller's Life and 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict, Cooper recounts growing up in Michigan and how he had to deal with his chronic asthma. Every time the leaves would change where he grew up in Michigan, he would have a hard time trying to breathe. He discusses what it is like to not be able go outside and have a snowball fight, play hockey and socialize with his friends. His family eventually moved to Phoenix, AZ so that his asthma might improve.

What He Has Accomplished

He has made more than 30 albums including:
  • Dirty Diamonds
  • Brutal Planet
  • Welcome to My Nightmare
  • Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits
  • Dragontown

Other Interesting Things

Alice Cooper has coached his kids Little League and soccer teams in addition to being an avid golfer. His foundation raises more than $150,000 per year for an inner city program called the Solid Rock Foundation whose purpose is to steer kids away from drugs.
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