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How to Use a Nebulizer


Updated May 20, 2010

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Select the Right Nebulizer for You
How to Use a Nebulizer


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Nebulizers or "breathing machines", as they are often referred to by patients, are devices that allow you to aerosolize liquid asthma medication and inhale it directly into your lungs as a mist. This allows medication to get to your lungs directly where it is needed most.

Types of nebulizers used for asthma medicine include:

  • jet nebulizers
  • ultrasonic nebulizers
  • mesh nebulizers
Learn More About These Nebulizer Options

A number of different factors including cost, your preferences, and your doctor's preferences will determine which nebulizer is best for you. The kind of asthma medication prescribed also determines which nebulizer can be used. Talk to your doctor about your situation and your needs, then select the machine that suits you best.

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