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Asthma Treatment


Understanding your asthma treatment is an important part of your asthma care. You need to know not only what your medicines are and how to use them, but also side effects. Additionally, there are lots of other treatments for asthma and you need to know do they work and are they potentially harmful.
  1. Treatment Basics
  2. Alternative Asthma Treatment
  3. Medication Side Effects
  4. Asthma Doctors

Treatment Basics

Basic information is essential to gain control of your asthma. Learn what you need to know and do.

Alternative Asthma Treatment

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies for the management of asthma are becoming increasingly popular. In this section you will learn about CAM therapies for asthma and the evidence supporting their use. Importantly, since most patients seek these treatments without their doctor's advice, can these treatments cause me harm?

Medication Side Effects

All medications have side effects. It is important for you to know what to expect and how to prevent side effects from your asthma medication.

Asthma Doctors

There are many different asthma doctors with different sorts of training that can care for your asthma. No matter which type of asthma doctor takes care of you or your child with asthma, your asthma doctor will work with you to diagnose and develop and prescribe a cost-effective treatment for your child's asthma.

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