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Definition of Certified Asthma Educator


Updated January 05, 2011

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A certified asthma educator can be another member of your asthma management team. Doctors are often not experts in health education, and don't know the best way to teach you about your condition. A certified asthma educator, on the other hand, is an expert in the education and counseling that you or your child needs. A certified asthma educator has up-to-date knowledge about asthma. This would include not only best practices in health education, but also knowledge about:

A certified asthma educator can:

Other Questions/ Topics Your Certified Asthma Educator Can Help With

A Certified asthma educator is able to instruct you not only about your medications and their side effects, but also explains in plain language the correct use of any device to deliver asthma medication.

Your certified asthma educator will help you work with your doctor to successfully implement your asthma action plan. They will also continue to work with you to help you optimize your asthma control.

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